Unconscious Bias

YWCA Australia’s Unconscious Bias Workshops empower participants with the knowledge, skills and confidence to acknowledge, identify and create change toward Gender Bias behaviours and attitudes.

Topics covered in Unconscious Bias Workshops

  • Understanding Gender Equality: Unpacking commonly misunderstood statistics & explaining why gender equality and eliminating the gender pay gap is important.
  • What is Gender: Exploring what gender is and gender roles in the context of history, social influence and stereotypes of gender impacts on workplaces
  • What is Unconscious Bias: Understanding what unconscious bias is, exploring the differing types of unconscious bias and understanding why it’s harmful, focusing on the impacts on individuals and workplaces
  • Overcoming Gender Bias: Identifying and exploring strategies and actions to overcome gender bias as an individual and as a workplace

Summary of workshops

The Unconscious Bias Workshops are delivered by a facilitator over 3 hours and explores the above topics. By exploring the above topics, participants are given the opportunity to understand what unconscious bias is, and also encouraged to reflect on their own attitudes and behaviours in a safe and inclusive space. The facilitator provides a brief introduction to understanding how gender inequitable attitudes and behaviours are linked to unconscious gender bias within the workplace. This helps participants to understand the impact of their unconscious bias – what they say, how they think, and how they act towards gender bias within their workplace.

Once the topics of understanding gender equality, gender roles and unconscious bias are explored, participants are then provided with actions and strategies on how they can eliminate unconscious gender bias in their lives, be it in the workplace or in their personal lives. These strategies use real-life examples, videos and scenarios for participants to explore in groups ways to eradicate unconscious bias.


These workshops aim to increase participants’:

  • Understanding of Gender
  • Understanding of Gender Equality
  • Understanding of Unconscious Gender Bias
  • Understanding of the link between Gender Inequality and Unconscious Bias
  • Understanding of strategies to eliminate Gender Bias
  • Inclination to question behaviour and attitudes based on gender inequality


Simone Punshon
Business Development Manager
YWCA Adelaide

Phone: 8203 9405