Gender Equity Matters (GEM)

Activating gender equity strategies in your workplace


About the GEM Program 

YWCA Adelaide’s Gender Equity Matters (GEM) Program is an activation point for organisations to advance gender equality and enhance diversity in their workplace. Integrating gender equity principles into workplaces makes economic and business sense, and can be easily achieved with the right tools and support.

YWCA Adelaide engages with a workplace over a three month period – providing tools, support and expertise to consider the specific needs, interests and impacts of gender in each workplace. Delivery of the GEM Program involves assessment of and engagement with workplace policies, people and objectives to integrate gender equity principles into polices, program work and organisational culture.

YWCA Adelaide has developed a framework that enables a tailored and flexible approach to address your specific workplace contexts, creating achievable goals and supporting all staff to engage in the change process.


Why is this important my workplace?

The Workplace Gender Equality Agency outlines the benefits of gender equitable workplaces:

  • Improved productivity and economic growth
  • Increased organisational performance
  • Enhanced ability to attract talent and retain employees
  • Enhanced organisational reputation


Your organisation as an employer of choice

New employees, and in particular young women, are seeking out values-driven and diverse workplaces that understand their needs and offer flexible work practices.[1]

82% of female millennials identify an employer’s policy on diversity, equality and workforce inclusion as important when deciding whether or not to work for an organisation.[2]


Improving business performance

  • Diversity in the workplace enables varied perspectives and flexibility in thinking, leading to higher levels of innovation and more successful outcomes.
  • Organisations that focus on gender equality are better equipped at appealing to all genders as customers and clients. This can improve business outcomes as well as customer satisfaction and thus brand reputation.


It is the right thing to do

  • Gender inequality operates at individual, relationship, community, institutional, and societal levels. Therefore it is our collective responsibility to build gender equality at all of these levels. Businesses and organisations have a unique and powerful opportunity to be leaders in the space of gender equity.
  • Women and men both have the right to participate equally in the workplace, and enjoy the same opportunities to work up the leadership pipeline.
  • By acknowledging the importance of gender equity through Corporate Social Responsibility, You can set a positive example for others in the private and public sector and encourage structural and cultural change.


What’s involved in GEM?

YWCA Adelaide works with your organisation to carry out a gender audit using YWCA Adelaide’s Gender Equity Matters (GEM) Program. The GEM Program involves an assessment of and engagement with your workplace and its objectives, to integrate gender equity principles into the following Key Focus Areas:

  1. Organisational Culture (attitudes, environments, understanding of gender equity issues)
  2. Leadership and Support (political will, resource investment, public show of support)
  3. Policies and programs (strategies, equal opportunity policies, flexible work practices, grievance procedures)
  4. Organisational Practice (capacity to respond to gender issues, gender composition, processes, projects, opportunities and activities, implementation of policies e.g. flexible work practices, communication of gender equality messages)
  5. Measurement and reporting (KPIs, targets, goals, accountability mechanisms)

Services Provided

  • Staff-wide online survey
  • Policy Analysis (of existing workplace policies)
  • GEM Report and Recommendations
  • Staff Development Workshops
    • Gender Equity & Unconscious Bias in the Workplace
    • Workplace Responses to Gender Based Violence
  • Management Workshops
    • Developing an Action Plan
  • Provision of Resources
    • Fact sheets and best practice guides
    • Gender Equity policy templates
    • Action Plan Framework

For more information, please contact: 

Simone Punshon
Business Development Manager
YWCA Adelaide

Phone: 8203 9405

[1] PWC, ‘Next Generation Diversity: Developing Tomorrow’s Female Leaders’, 2014

[2] PWC, ‘Next Generation Diversity: Developing Tomorrow’s Female Leaders’, 2014