Bystander Intervention Workshops

Bystander Intervention Workshops enable workplaces and community members to contribute to the prevention of violence against women and gender inequality.

We have delivered workshops to government departments as part of their White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation, as well as businesses, local councils and diverse community groups.


Rise Above the Pack

Bystander Intervention Workshops were created out of a community safety campaign named ‘Rise Above the Pack’, developed by YWCA Adelaide in 2014.

The Rise Above the Pack campaign aimed to shift the conversation from victim blaming to perpetrator behaviour, and engage men and women to play a leadership role in creating safe and respectful communities. The campaign also placed emphasis on drawing the link between gender inequality and violence against women.

In its effort to contribute to positive social change, Rise Above the Pack has a focus on positive bystander intervention and became the foundation on which our Bystander Intervention Workshops were built.

Bystander Intervention Workshops have been developed and delivered to men and women in workplaces and community settings.


The workshops are:

  • Evidence based
  • Interactive & reflective
  • Delivered by male and female facilitator
  • Inclusive of Evaluation & Summary provided by YWCA Adelaide


These workshops hold the purpose of educating the wider public as to how small indiscretions can play a role in contributing to the overall problem of gender equality. They highlight how disrespect shown towards women is intrinsically linked to gendered violence.

In the wise words of Rosie Batty: “Disrespecting women doesn’t always result in violence against women, but all violence against women begins with disrespecting women.”

Workplaces, educational institutions and community groups can all benefit from understanding how individual occurrences of inappropriate behaviour can compound and cause larger societal consequences.

These workshops empower participants with the knowledge, skills and confidence to safely intervene in situations where the respect or safety of women is in question, and to challenge behaviours and attitudes that reinforce gender inequality.

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In November 2016 the Rise Above the Pack campaign received an Australian Crime and Violence Prevention Award



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YWCA Adelaide have previously run community workshops in regional areas. Contact us to discuss your regional delivery options.

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