Meaning of Membership


Membership means belonging and it is a partnership which involves giving and receiving.

Being a Member of YWCA Adelaide means belonging to the world’s oldest and largest women-led membership movement which impacts the lives of 25 million women and girls every year in more than 120 countries. Membership means joining a group of like-minded women and girls who want to advance gender equality and support women’s leadership. Membership means influence, democracy and governance, personal and professional development, and being connected.

At YWCA Adelaide membership benefits include:

As soon as you become a Member

  • Members rate for SHE Leads Conference and SHE Leads Board Training
  • Members rate for other ticketed YWCA events
  • Vote for Board Directors
  • Apply for annual Board Traineeship
  • Apply for Board sub-committees
  • Join SHE Meets Social Sessions group
  • Receive regular email news bulletins
  • Access to discounts at YWCA hotels and hostels around Australia and the world

When you have been a Member for at least one full year

  • Eligible to apply for the annual Member Scholarship for YWCA Adelaide’s 10 month SHE Leads Program

When you have been a Member for at least two full years

  • Eligible to apply for the annual Great Ydeas Small Grants program

When you have been a Member for at least three full years

  • Eligible to apply for the annual Scholarship on the YWCA Australia delegation to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women


Belinda works for the South Australian Government. She is a Member of YWCA Adelaide.

“I believe in the work of the YWCA. Investing in young women’s leadership is an investment in a better, brighter future as far as I’m concerned. Women bring so much to the table when it comes to solving problems in our local, national and international community.”

Louise is a journalist and filmmaker. She is a Member of YWCA Adelaide.

“Whenever I see statistics about violence against women or the gender pay gap or gender bias in employment a little part of my heart breaks. Organisations like the YWCA are important for me to keep believing we can still make change, we can fill in the gap and change those statistics. And when I see or read about other amazing women within the membership I believe it is possible.”

Jennie works for a South Australian University. She is a Member of YWCA Adelaide.

“I am a feminist and have a lot of respect of the work of the YWCA in helping women to achieve their potential as leaders.”

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