Life Members

Life Membership is an honour that can be awarded to Members of YWCA Adelaide in line with the Constitution which reads:

Honorary Life Membership of YWCA Adelaide may be conferred for distinguished service to the YWCA Adelaide on the recommendation of the Board of Directors for significant contribution to the women’s movement or the work and actions of YWCA Adelaide.”

We honour the living women who have been granted Life Membership of YWCA Adelaide and thank them for their incredible contribution and ongoing support.

  • Sue Averay
  • Heather Crosby
  • Mary Evins
  • Joan Grieger
  • Myra Lillywhite
  • Catherine McMahon
  • Joy Raven
  • Marg Smith
  • Joan Snow
  • Claire Tatyzo
  • Janet Whitham
  • Ros Wilson
  • Alleyne Womersley
  • Janet Wood