Developing Women’s Leadership

Leadership at the YWCA is authentic, intergenerational and transformational. YWCA Adelaide develops and supports the individual leadership of women, young women and girls and advocates for societal change because we operate in the context of a society in which gender inequality continues to affect the practice and perception of leadership by women and girls.

YWCA Adelaide provides a women’s leadership pathway which starts in school with the delivery of Every Girl which focusses on human rights and civic engagement for girls aged 9-14. Our SHE Leads High Conference is a one day leadership conference for high school girls in years 10-12.

Supporting women early in their careers, the one day SHE Leads Conference aims to inspire and debate women’s leadership while our ten month SHE Leads Program transforms the leadership potential of the next generation of leaders.

YWCA Adelaide’s Aboriginal Women’s Leadership Program assists South Australian Indigenous women to build leadership capacity with a focus on women, family, wellbeing, career and culture.

Our SHE Leads Board Training provides an introduction to board governance and YWCA Adelaide’s Board of Directors has a quota of 30% women under 30.

YWCA Adelaide provides an annual scholarship for Members who have been part of the organisation for at least two full years to join the YWCA Australia delegation at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women.

Members also have the opportunity to apply for a Great Ydeas Small Grant to support women’s leadership development, when they have been a Member for at least two full years.

YWCA Adelaide uses its voice and influence through policy, advocacy and campaigns to promote structural and societal change which will enable women and girls to realise their leadership potential.