Sarah Jenkin-Hall  – Board Trainee

With a focus on practical application, Sarah has completed a competitive internship placement in the US Senate, undertaken policy research within the South Australian Parliament, and is completing a placement with the South Australian Government’s Department of Premier and Cabinet. She has worked for La Letter Pro de la Radio et des Medias in Paris, and has volunteered for organisations such as Young Australians in International Affairs and Debating SA Inc, as well as with YWCA Adelaide.

Sarah has a Bachelor of International Studies and is currently completing her honours year in International Relations at Flinders University. She is also completing her Bachelor of Laws at Adelaide University. Additionally, Sarah has completed study programs at Universiteit Maastricht (The Netherlands) and Michigan State University (USA). She will commence studying a Graduate Certificate in Gender Mainstreaming and Policy Analysis in 2017 at Flinders University.

Sarah’s areas of interes include sexual and reproductive rights, eradicating gendered violence, women’s issues policy platforms (gender mainstreaming), female leadership and international dispute resolution/conflict management.